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Namaste, Hello, Salut!!!!

We would like to introduce ourselves with a short history of how we started our business.

We begin our commercial journey way back in the 90s as the sole importer of Nepalese Handicrafts in Belgium.  Back then it was a trend; every Nepalese visiting Europe brings along authentic Nepali food products like Gundruk (fermented dried vegetables), Achar (pickle), Wai Wai (Nepali Noodles), Mithai (Sweets) and many more for personal consumption.  Nepalese wherever they go, always crave for their local delicacies and taste. The appetite for typical Nepali food among Nepalese as well as foreigners is growing bigger these days. 

Being a Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) and active supporter of the NRN movement, we need to travel around Europe and meet and greet with Nepalese residing there.  During such gatherings, we observed the craving of Nepali food and cuisines among the Nepali community and also saw the potential of business to market Nepali Products in Europe.  

We launched the first line of Nepali products – including Wai Wai and Gorkha Beer in 2006 targeting the Nepalese customers.  The starting was not as lucrative as we expected. Like any business venture, it took us some time to reach the targeted Nepali consumers and build the market.  Initially, we did door to door selling and even took part in food festivals and organized street festivals to sell the products. 

Back then the number of Nepalese were quite less compare to now, so was the demand for Nepali product. That was quite a challenge for us as our target group was limited to Nepalese only.  Slowly, people started supporting us and consumption of the Nepali products were growing up. The progress was sluggish, but we did not stop promoting Nepali products among the Nepali.  Soon, we started launching various local brand and products of Nepal and also marketing it for the non-Nepalese customers.

Today we are happy to be the SOLE importer and distributors for more than 20 Nepali brands and varieties of local Nepali Products. The challenges are never-ending, but we are determined to promote Nepali local products in Europe. 

We aim to make Nepali products popular among non-Nepalese as well as international consumers and make it easily avail for everyone through different stores, groceries in Europe. We want Non-Nepali and international consumers especially Europeans, to experience a unique taste of Nepali products and enjoy the local Nepali delicacies in their home town. We are offering them an opportunity to explore one of the world’s best cuisines and learn about our unique Nepali culinary art too. 

We are determined to supply good quality authentic Made in Nepal – Products in competitive prices. We are more than happy to serve our Nepalese and non-Nepalese friends and consumers with a wide range of Nepali products. Our product range and catalogue can be easily obtained from this site.  We are open to deliver any new range of products from Nepal upon your demand and request.  


This is not just our business, we are passionate about promoting Nepali products and Cuisines across the globe.  We are into this business for the past 14 years and happily serving our customers from our hearts.



Use Local Nepali Products, Enjoy the authentic Himalayan taste and flavour and Support Small Scale agro-business of Nepal.


Rajani Pradhan  and Rabindra Man Shrestha

Promoter and Distributor of Nepali Products in Europe